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Traditional Handicrafts

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We select traditional handicrafts from Hokuriku District(Ishikawa, Toyama, Fukui).
We select carefully and sell the traditional handicrafts which you can feel design and a modern element, though it is traditional handicrafts.

Line Up

  • Kutani Porcelain
  • Kaga Mizuhiki
  • Kaga Yubinuki
  • Kaga Temari Accessory
  • Gold Leaf Art Work
  • Kimono Goods
  • Pottery
  • Glass Works
  • Metalworking
  • Tinware
  • Takaoka Copperware
  • Echizen Washi Works
  • Accesorry
  • Other works of limited time, etc.

Art Work

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Enishira is also Gallery of Ai TAKAOKA who design art works using Gold Leaf. You can see her new works and it is only large stock here. She use various leaves (Gold, Gold Platinum, Tin, Copper, Silver, etc.) and can propose the works to the public space based on information of the space, concept, image, budjet. Also she can correspond to design original Commemoration items.


The access map to enishira

1-13-10 Higashiyama, Kanazawa Ishikawa,920-0831JAPAN


The access map to enishira


1-13-10 Higashiyama, Kanazawa Ishikawa,920-0831JAPAN
Occasional Irregular Holidays

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  • 波結 hayuwa
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