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The Design Instinct.



Claude’s brand and design sensibilities embody the artistic heritage and experiences of our founding designer. The design instinct and refinement began at an early age growing up in a environment filled with encouragement, curiosity and artistic creation.


The designer’s professional work continued to feed this creative notion. Having lived and worked in her native New York City, in Hong Kong and Japan and traveled to many world destinations, she has designed in a multiple of contexts and with a variety of major clients and collaborators. Her projects have included: fashion and lifestyle products; industrial design and craft; graphics, advertising and editorial; branding, arts and culture promotion; travel, music performance and commercial venture positioning.


Claude, with its unique pedigree and joy of creation, is producing a variety of products that are infused with more than just surface beauty, but also a story, a history and a depth of meaning. A respect of process and skills, as in Japanese Kogei, has been one of the means for Claude to produce a profound design experience for the consumer. There is a direct connection between the creator and the consumer through the power of the hand to realize a Claude product.


The essence of the Claude aesthetic combines the contrasts of edgy and classic styles – reaching for the beautiful and accessible, but with surprising end results.



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